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Hello! We're Jobsket. We use Semantic Technology to save you time and money in your recruitment processes.

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Post job offers to Facebook and other social networks

Post job offers to Facebook

With Jobsket ATS you can post job offers to different social networks like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter with just one click.
Social Networks
Semantic Search

Semantic Search

Welcome to the Web 3.0. Our semantic search engine will help you to find the best candidates with very little effort.
Your own corporate jobsite in 30 seconds

Your own corporate jobsite

Would you like to have a corporate jobsite? And what if we tell you that you could have a jobsite in less than 30 seconds with no additional cost?
Multiposting, Smart Inboxes

Discover Semantic Web

Discover Semantic WebJobsket is the first Applicant Tracking System fully based in semantic technology. Semantic technology allows us to automate tedious tasks, providing an improved recruitment process and reducing costs.

Semantic Web, Search

A world of Tags

A world of TagsJobsket automatically tags each and every candidate that is entered into the system. Furthermore, Jobsket allows you to type in your own custom tags to classify much better all your candidates.

Tags, Search

Value your candidates

Find out how much your candidates are worthJobsket's semantic technology is used in very innovative ways to know how much each of your candidates is worth. This value allows you to filter your candidates much easily in your recruitment processes.

Valuation, Semantic Web

Filters and Recommendations

Filters and RecommendationsJobsket's semantic engine will automatically recommend you the candidates that better fit your job positions. You will also be able to create filters to automatically discard unmatching applications.

Recommendations, Semantic Web

This ATS Software is for Sale

Are you a software vendor or medium/large sized company looking for one of the most innovative ATS products in the industry?

If yes, then you might find interesting to know that we have decided to put our software for sale. Why? You might ask. Well, simply put - and this is probably one of the most honest statements you will ever read on the Internet - We cannot market it. Long story told short: Huge recession in Spain, software engineers founders, lack of resources, families to feed, no presence abroad to sell it internationally, ... Ain't gonna happen!

But hey! The project is Super A-WE-SO-ME. So, if you have the resources and/or a solid customer base, then this is your chance to grab a real bargain and enter the ATS market or renew your software, real soon, with no engineering efforts and with a rock-solid and strongly tested innovative ATS.

Have a look to our website for learning about some of our cool features like the semantic analysis of resumes, job posting straight to your customer's Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin pages, mobile recruitment application, or our fully REST-based API to build jobsites in minutes. And leave us an email at if you want to speak or have one us doing a demo for you.

Have a superb day!